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Smash Your Goals & Perform Your Personal Best

Enhance Your Performance With Potassium & More!

Endurance athletes, professional teams, and Olympians depend on tart cherry concentrate as a powerful “endurance superfood” to help them tolerate intensive training. Because it's high in potassium, our tart cherry concentrate helps to maintain blood pressure as well as to improve hydration, muscle recovery, nerve impulses, digestion, and pH balance.



Group of athletes practicing a healthy and active lifestyle by jogging outdoors together
A bottle of Stanton Orchards' tart cherry concentrate with a pair of running shoes

Anti-Inflammatory Effects that Boost Performance

Because of its anti-inflammatory effects on the body, our tart cherry concentrate delivers higher performance, improved muscle recovery, and increased training capacity. It reduces muscle damage during exercise by reducing pain and inflammation. It's always more fun to train when your joints don’t hurt, which encourages you to get out there and push harder!

“Some of the reasons tart cherry juice is being called the ultimate antioxidant. New research shows it can reduce pain, reduce your risk of heart disease, and more.” – Dr. Oz

Superpower Regimen

To reduce muscle pain, drink 1 fluid ounce of tart cherry juice concentrate twice per day for 7 days prior to and on the day of the event or workout. Tart cherry juice tastes great and it's a nice, nutritional bedtime drink to end the day!

Take another dose of tart cherry juice the following morning to maximize the performance-enhancing benefits1 it has to offer.

A glass of Stanton Orchards' tart cherry concentrate
Male athlete takes a break from working out at the gym with a hydrating and refreshing glass of Stanton Orchards' tart cherry concentrate

Recommended Dose: Drink 1 fluid ounce of tart cherry juice concentrate diluted in a 6 to 8 fluid ounce glass of cold water.

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