Many of our customers send us letters about how our Stanton Orchards Tart Cherry Concentrate has helped them. Here are several to check out.

Your Tart Cherry Concentrate has changed my son’s life!! A miracle to our family.

“My son who is now 4 1/2 years old has periodic fever syndrome. Most people are unaware of the condition and doctors don’t know a lot about it either. They have not figured out why it happens or how to fix it. Those with the syndrome have cycled fevers with many other symptoms that happen like clock work on the same day every month for 3-6 days straight. At this point some people find removing the tonsils to end the fevers and drs prescribe prednisone to use with fever flares to stop the fever but the prednisone also makes the fevers come back more frequently. My son’s fevers started when he was 1. I first thought it was teething and then drs said he’s a child they get sick a lot. I eventually saw the pattern and no one else ever got sick. Once I learned of the PFAPA syndrome I spent hours and hours online finding all the information I could. I was terrified of the road ahead. I found one small blog and the parents of this other child with the syndrome mentioned tart cherry concentrate. I went to Whole Foods and found Stanton Orchards’ brand. I would try anything. My son was now about 1 1/2 and so I’d mix 1 tablespoon in orange juice and give it to him every morning. The next month the fever never came. As he grows if he starts getting fevers I know it’s time to increase his intake. For over 3 years he has had Stanton’s tart cherry concentrate without ever missing a day. He takes one with juice in the morning and one at bedtime. It has saved our family and my son a lot of suffering over the last few years. I mention it to the doctors and specialist when we see them and they don’t believe me but I know it’s true. My son will continue to take Stanton Orchards Tart Cherry concentrate for the rest of his life, likely. I refuse to use any other brand cause this one I know works for him. Thought I’d let you know this has been like a miracle to our family. This has changed our lives and improved my son’s life for 3 years and many more to come! Thank you! There are several groups of parents on Facebook for PFAPA.”

Kiffany Aragon

Thanks for a long overdue good night’s sleep

“I am going to take my 2 oz of your Tart Cherry Juice and snuggle up with a book for a short time and then off to my heavenly sleep for awhile! You have NO idea how just a simple 5 hours of sleep has made me feel so much better, physically AND mentally! I was exhausted and everyone has noticed the difference! Thank you! I look forward to my next bottle and to many more comfortable nights rest!” R.S., Sacramento, California.

Hip pain all but gone

“I was first introduced to Stanton orchards 100% cherry concentrate in the end of 2011. After trying the juice , I actually started to feel a difference on the first day. only did it take my constant hip pain away but now I sleep like a baby. If for some reason I forget to take it before I go to bed my hip knows it and I toss and turn all night. My fridge will always have this in it. Tastes good too..but then I love cherries and tart things. Thanks for making such a great product. –Holly Belviso

Dr. Oz and thousands of fans agree

After watching Dr. Oz talk about tart cherries and tart cherry concentrate, I bought your project and have been using it. I love cherries, and I really love your tart cherry concentrate. It helps me to sleep. I also showed it to a friend who has Lupus and now it helps her joint pain.”
Carmita Kalis, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Spreading the word about a daily, pain-free life with Stanton Orchards Cherry Concentrate

I have had Fibromyalgia for several years and have been on several different meds for the aching muscles I experienced every day. Nothing seemed to help. I heard about your tart cherry juice and I purchased a 32 oz. bottle at the local grocery store just hoping it would help me. I have taken two tablespoons with water daily for about three weeks and it has changed my life completely. My aching muscles have gone away, I have energy and sleep better at night! I am so excited and I will never be without your tart cherry juice again! I might add that it is delicious!!! I am spreading the word to everyone I know about your product!!! I am 69 years old and feel like I’m 40 again!! What a great life with my cherry juice!! Thank you!
Dianne Slawter

Daily Dose of Health & Flavor

I love your Tart Cherry Concentrate. I have it every morning and the benefits are wonderful. again! I might add that it is delicious!!!

Paula Feltrin

A Rock Star Endorsement

THIS STUFF ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have used it in or on everything from yogurt to dressing. It is so tasty that I added it to the apple, celery, shallot, sage and bread dressing to serve with a roast chicken glazed with the juice…oh my gosh it was gorgeous and tasty.

Roasted sweet potatoes with a carmelized leek and cherry reduction was superb. I even made cherrytinis:) My husband told me to guard the recipe. Anyway, just wanted to let people know that this concentrate can and should be used on everything. It tastes like cherries, pure and simple.

You all have done a remarkable job on bringing an item of such importance to market. Nice packaging, beautiful label and superior product (nice people too)
makes it fun to purchase! The anticipation of opening a new bottle and discovering all the new and interesting ways to utilize the juice is always a bit of a thrill. Top off a cup of hot cocoa with a couple tablespoons of the juice. YUM:)



PS We have bought several bottles to give as Christmas gifts

Helping arthritis – in a personal way

Thank you for personally taking my call and listening to the health change that my husband is experiencing in his daily life. I would like to share our story which I know is a result of my husband taking two tablespoons of your Tart Cherry Concentrate mixed in with good spring water daily.

Previous to taking the cherry juice my husband has been suffering with debilitating arthritis in both hips. The chronic pain has been so severe that he could not concentrate on productive life decisions. He has had to mask the pain by taking very high doses of pain medication.

As his wife I encouraged him to try the beneficial cherry juice to see if the inflammation would lessen. My husband thought I was wrapped up in a fantasy world and that there was no hope for relief. He was unable to walk almost and would have to find a shopping cart to hold onto when we would go into a store. He called me from his work place and said “There is a big change going on as I am almost skipping down the halls”.  Today he is saying the same words and is able to walk without the severe pain.

Our story begins as follows: We went into our neighborhood Whole Foods Market and the store is beautiful with an assortment of wonderful nutritious quality foods.  My husband focused on StantonOrchards Tart Cherry Concentrate. He said I want to try cherry juice and have a taste for cherry juice. He has been taking the cherry juice for about three weeks and he has cut down on his pain medication. He is feeling better physically as hecan walk now without hobbling and almost falling with each step.

He has a positive outlook so we are able to face life together without the chronic pain obstacle. I had to call your company and share our story for some one else
who might be looking for pain relief.

Stanton Orchards Cherry Juice is making a big difference in our life. The chronic pain is lessening and my husband has a renewed sense of energy and zeal for life. Thank you Stanton Orchards for an amazing health product.  We will be a loyal customer.
–Lila Pierce

From Dr. Oz – to a pain free life through cherry concentrate


For me, the best has been pain relief in my mid /back, arms, hands fingers, and feet . This is especially true as based on current medicine and even before: nix on aspirin,  and now the cautions re: Acetomenophen, and the fact I cannot tolerate any narcotics. I was hurting so much so just sitting or trying to get to sleep was very difficult. The husband of a friend who I have known since 7th grade was in generalized pain from years as a building contractor. After one dose he is now a much happier man, and boy does it show.

–Eileen U.

Running at marathon at 58 – thanks (in part) to the muscle recovery power of Stanton Orchards

At age 58 I ran my first marathon. I finished in 3:27. I got 1st place in my age group, and qualified for the Boston Marathon. I have to give partial credit to your product (Stanton Orchards tart cherry concentrate). The antioxidants give me an edge in recovering from hard training. Keep making your great product!

–Dale Sandley, Sheboygan Falls, Wi

Health and Pain Reduction

I’ve been having some urinary pain in the morning over the last week. I drank 2 tbl of cherry concentrate yesterday morning. Drank more cherry juice diluted throughout the day and before bed. I woke up to no urinary pain and symptoms. I took 2 more tablespoons this morning as well and will continue for awhile longer.

–C. Meier, California

Dietary Health & Pain Reduction in a Bottle

Thanks so much for your quick response.  I think your product is wonderful. I have liver disease which causes a lot of fluid build up and pain.  I had to stop for a short while because I caught a flu bug and had a terrible stomach for several weeks.  I now wanted to start taking it again (I had been taking two tablespoons each morning) and DEFINITELY felt the difference. I will be purchasing your product in the future as well and have recommended it to several of my senior friends with aches and pains ? !!

Thanks again! –Irene Baker

Joint & Muscle Stiffness Reduced…and it tastes great!

A week ago today I began taking your tart cherry concentrate straight…the improvements began almost immediately. I wake up without pain and stiffness, I sleep like a baby and I can’t wait to see my cholesterol numbers, if I’ve already seen everything else improve. This is delicious and I thank you. I’ve told everyone near and dear to me about your product. I’m sold! –Lois D., Scottland

Gout troubles gone, thanks to Stanton Orchards

I just wanted to tell you that I love your Tart Cherry Juice. It has stopped my Gout attacks. Keep producing it, and know you have changed lives!

–M. Bellenoit

Hip Pain Gone & Sleep Improved…Who Knew?

I have heard from people that cherry juice is good for you. One day while shopping I saw your tart cherry juice. I bought a bottle and thought well I will give it a try..probably won’t do anything for me. Boy was I wrong. Not only did it take my constant hip pain away but now I sleep like a baby. If for some reason I forget to take it before I go to bed my hip knows it and I toss and turn all night. My fridge will always have this in it. Tastes good too..but then I love cherries and tart things. Thanks for making such a great product.

–Holly Belviso

Medical Supplement For Improved Health Across the Board

I have been using your tart cherry juice for the last year to lower my uric acid level as a result from leukemia. It’s helped me so so much. I wanted to share this article I found about tart cherry juice and credible research supporting its use. Perhaps it can be of use. http://www.lifeextension.com/Magazine/2013/6/Anti-Inflammatory-Properties-of-Tart-Cherry/Page-01

d–C. Corvette

Reduced Inflammation & Arthritis Pain

I’ve been receiving cortisone injections for osteo arthritis in my tow for several years. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Before November of 2015 I started taking 2 tablespoons of your product daily and after several weeks my toe had much less pain,

In fact the last injection I heard the doctor say the needle went in much easier. I attribute that to reduced inflammation. I see the doctor next week and I’m toying with the idea of extending the frequency with which I get the injections from 3 to 4 months. I can’t thank my friend Barbara (enough) for finding your product in Whole Foods, and I can’t thank you and Stanton Orchards enough. Thank you sincerely.

–Nancy A. Slack

Mitigating the Pain Effects of Aging After a Life As An Athlete

I am a 75 and living with extreme cervical disc degeneration.  I started having problems when I was about 30 years old.  I do not have disc material between any of my cervical vertebrae.  Consequently, I have lived most of my adult life in extreme pain.  Fortunately, it does not hurt when I lay down, lucky me. I have been in gyms all my life 7 days a week because my running coach had a slogan on his wall that read, “ON THE SEVENTH DAY RUN SLOWLY.” Exercise has helped me live with all the pain.

I have been to many doctors all of whom said I needed surgery except one, and he said, “if you can take the pain don’t have the surgery as I could make you worse.”  One Dr. wanted to put two 8” metal rods in my neck.  By the way I do not run any longer and I told the Dr. to find another patient to practice on. I was in Whole Foods about 10 days ago and spoke with a woman about STANTON TART CHERRY CONCENTRATE.  She is a great salesperson.  I bought a bottle and started taking it 1 tablespoon morning and the same at night.  For the first time in about 30 years I have virtually no pain.

Todd, you should take great pride in your product, IT IS SIMPLY GREAT.

— Michael Gorsen

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